Adopt-a-Road Program

Adopt A Road Cleanup
The cleanup consist of picking up trash from 148th to the Soos Creek Park on 240th.
We are provided with garbage bags, claws for picking up trash and gloves.
If enough members show up (at least 5 including myself) then it usually takes about 1-2 hours.
We meet at Soos Creek Park on 240th.


No children are allowed and everyone who comes will sign a paper that states that you understand the safety concerns and will abide by the rules.
240th is not super busy but there are times when quite a few vehicles will come by.
I am usually give a light for the top of the car so that I can warn people that we are cleaning up the road. I will also have signs to that affect as well.
Once we collect the trash in the bags provided, we leave them at the Soos Creek Park entrance and they pick them up.