Donated Belt Buckle

Here is the Belt Buckle RC referenced at the last meeting – and a picture of the truck of the driver who donated it.

While working at the Maytown Rest Stop on September 20th, a gentleman by the name of Bill Kale stopped in for a cup of Java.  Great guy and we struck up an interesting conversation which at the end he said “just a minute, I have something for you.”  He went to his truck and came back with this belt buckle and presented it to me.  He is a member of the VFW and I believe it was post 6875 or something close to that in California.

Since I was working on behalf of our VFW Post, I feel that it is only proper that every member of our Post should have an equal opportunity to have this belt buckle.  For that reason, I want to Auction it off with proceeds going to our National Childrens’ Home.  I hope we have a spirited Auction with many competing for the prize.  Dig deep Comrades…….


Presentation of POW flag to Aux member

Presentation of POW/MIA Flag on 25 July, to one of our more constant volunteers, Annie Smith. Her flag was in tatters and the Post felt it appropriate to furnish her with a new one. Roy and Pepsi are busy trying to figure out when and how to re-light the poles for her. Photos by D. Randy Clawson, Post Service Officer. Great shots, Randy.