Tahoma Cemetary Plots

Post member Charley Chester was at The Tahoma Cemetery and placed several wreaths on veterans plot including a couple of ours:

The plot RobertW Gilliam.  I placed a wreath signed by our post and me.  This veteran I recognized because he was
A true friend of Princess Hall & Calvin Horman who tried to recruit him to join our VFW Post.  Princess felt a need to recognize him.  So I accomplished that deed for her and our post honoring her request even though he wasn’t a post member.  I even mailed his wife a card with the picture I took.

Russel William Plot.  I also placed a wreath. Each one of these plot I prayed a short prayer and gave a snappy salute.

Chester James/Maxine  plot.  He & she is my daughter-in law grandparents and we’re dear friends of the family for years.  Chet got the Bronze Star in Itally and wounded also.  A true American Hero and dear friend for so many reasons. So our post also recognized him for that even though he wasn’t a post member.

There is my story behind these photographs.

Charles Chester
VFW Gold Legacy Life Member
VFWPost 6785 Chaplain

tahoma1 tahoma3 tahoma2

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