Honor Flight Details

Hello fellow Veterans,

 In case you are going to assist in with the Honor flight event. Remember I will give you a parking pass b4 you leave on event day.

Instruction are as follows.

  • When arriving at SEATAC parking garage go thru the PARKING DIRECT lane, it will take you to the 4th floor level, drive down to  either H, I, J, OR K LINES.
  • That should put you close to the Skybridge 3 area.
  • Walk across the Skybridge to the back wall, pass the escalators there is a elevator that will take you to the mezzanine level.
  • Press ‘M’ when you get off the elevator turn left and then turn right the USO will be in front of you..
  • We will be heading down to ticketing level at about 0510 to assist the Honor flight group.
  • If you want to go directly to the Alaska Air line area. Select ‘T” for ticketing walkout and turn right and go to the door 25 Alaska Air ticketing area.
  • You will see where it all happens.
  • At that point I will be handing our Honor flight signs to hold up at the curb so the Veterans Don’t get lost..

Any questions either call me or e mail me back.

Kenneth  Przepiora

Senior Vice Commander

Community Service Chairperson

Communications Officer

Poppy Chairman 2017

Events Coordinator

USO Advocate Post 6785 and District 11




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