The Fall Puget Sound Honor Flight

Call out to volunteers who would like to support
The Fall Puget Sound Honor Flight events

Date: Saturday September 23
Time: 5:30 am meet at the USO or at door 25 on ticketing level, across from Alaska Airlines check in.

Event: Puget Sound Honor Flight is sending Veterans who served in WW II, Korean War, and now Vietnam, to Washington DC to see all the memorials along with their guardians/volunteers.

What we do: USO volunteers meet and greet the vets curbside, on the departure deck, hold up signs out at the curb, then escort the veteran to the Alaska Airlines check in point which is right inside Door 25.  We also ‘troll’ for vets inside the airport, as sometimes they do get lost trying to find the correct ticket counter.

The veteran participants are supposed to check in no later than 0700 am.
If you want to go thru security to help escort them to the departure gate: remember to bring your picture ID so Alaska Air can give you a pass to get to the gate.

Pretty awesome experience to be part of the departure from the gate.
Scheduled departure to Baltimore, per my info, is 0955 am.

Date: Monday September
Time: 6:00 pm: be at the USO to help with set up in the atrium about 7:00 pm: be at the USO for to pick up a flag or two , if you only want to do the welcome home ceremony.
Event: Puget Sound Honor Flight return of all those who left on Saturday morning.
What we do: 6 pm Set up consists of carting tables, chairs, our big military flags, any PSHF gear they left on Saturday down to the atrium (baggage claim level) and set it up however they want it.
We will also provide our carts for PSHF to unload their gear curbside, under skybridge 1, and get it to the atrium.

Then we wait for the arrival of the flight from Dulles,(this time ETA 8:30 pm.
Flexibility is a good quality to have.

The flight can be anywhere from 45 minutes early to 1 hour late.
About ½ hour after landing, vets will come thru the airport on their way to the welcome home celebration in the atrium.
We are ‘way pointers’, flag waver, greeters . . . all the way to the atrium.

Of special note: all parking passes will be issued at the END of the event, NOT in advance.

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