Kent-Meridian Post 6785 Honor Guard

Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States

Kent-Meridian Post 6785 Honor Guard

We are looking for a few good men and women, comrades all, to become participating members.

We have blazers, most with patches already in place.

We have overcoats, most with patches already in place.

We have all the pins, cords, and other gew-gaws.

We have the broad-brimmed hats, and will provide an Honor Guard garrison cap if you do not already have one.

The Honor Guard provides military honors for our fallen comrades of all services each month on the second Thursday of the month, at Tahoma National Cemetery. The time commitment is from three to seven hours, but averages about five hours each month. The Honors guard provides a rifle team. We use M-1 Garands, with blank firing adapters (BFAs), firing 30.06 blank cartridges, three times for each service. If you are not familiar with the M-1, the current members will be happy to train you.

From time to time the Post is asked to provide military honors at a site other than Tahoma National Cemetery. The Honor Guard Chair, or the Post Commander, will put out a call for volunteers. Once a year or less often, the Post Honor Guard also provides staff for a Saturday service. Volunteers will be called for then as well. Our next scheduled Saturday service is in August.

If anyone would like to volunteer to join the Honor Guard, or just wants more information, call the Honor Guard Chair: Scott Eliason, 206-310-4157 (cell). There is message service, if prompted, leave your name and phone number and best times to call back.

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