Auburn Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

It’s finally here! Memorial construction is well underway. We will cut the ribbon and dedicate the new memorial on June 16th. All American, South Vietnamese, and Allied veterans, their families, friends, and supporters are invited to join the American-Vietnamese War Memorial Alliance and the City of Auburn in celebrating completion of the memorial.

  • The memorial has circular base 50 feet in diameter. The memorial permanently displays the US flag and the former Republic of Vietnam flag (also known as the Vietnamese Heritage and Freedom flag). Inscriptions honor all veterans of the Vietnam War.
  • Wall of Honor: Engraved granite “Honor Tiles” recognize individual American, South Vietnamese, and Allied soldiers of the Vietnam War, living or dead. Order now to see your tile on the wall on June 16th.Tile order forms are available on the Alliance website at:
  • The Alliance is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization that raised money to build the memorial. For more information visit:
  • E-mail questions and comments to:,
    Or phone: (360) 357-7684.

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