FIX’D Charity to Consider


Greetings Comrades!

I ran across this organization recently, for your consideration as one we might offer support to as a post.

I personally know and served with the CEO, Jamie Medina, his story is on the website

Here are some points I thought pertinent after reviewing the information:

  • Veteran suicide is a huge problem right now, and conventional methods of treating it don’t always work.
  • No one at the FIX’D organization takes a salary right now. It is 100% volunteer.
    • Plans are to grow and become a self supported charity with paid employees
  • They have plans to create a presence in Washington, at JBLM, later this year.
  • 97% Success Rate

Here is a YouTube Video to watch

Here are some documents for your review:



2 thoughts on “FIX’D Charity to Consider

  1. I will have to respond to this when I get back ROB, JUST GOT NO TIME LEFT BEFORE CONVENTION TOMORROW……


  2. Looks to me to be a worthy organization. What kind of support will they need? Monetary? Volunteers? Chat with you tonight.


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