Vietnam Veterans Commemoration Ceremony

Good Afternoon all,

I briefly touched on this at the last meeting.

In case you are unfamiliar with the Vietnam Veterans Commemoration Ceremony and Presidential Proclamation, It is an effort to recognize our Vietnam Veterans and thank them for their service and sacrifice. I think most would agree that they were not treated well in most cases when they returned home from the war. This is an attempt to make up for that.

Our Ceremony at Tahoma, will be small and not attended by the public. I would like to recognize any of our Volunteers that may not have been able to attend a previous ceremony or if there is someone you know personally that wants/needs to be recognized. In either case, please let me know or put them in contact with me so that I can work with them to get them a pin and recognize them.

I would love to have any of you that are Vietnam Veterans and Have received your pin and Welcome Home, join us on March 26th between 10am and 2pm to recognize any Vietnam Veterans that come to this event. You don’t need to stay for the whole four hours but if you can be here for some of it that would be great.

We have Pins and items for Veterans, Spouses and immediate family members, i.e. children, step-children etc. They are welcome to come and be recognized also.


Thomas L. Yokes


Tahoma National Cemetery

18600 SE 240th Street

Kent, WA. 98042

(425) 433-2040

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