WA State Patriotic Day 2021

Patriots, it saddens me to announce we will not be able to hold a Live In-person celebration for
Washington State Patriotic Day 2021. The restrictions associated with the Covid-19 Pandemic have just
precluded the Washington State Patriotic Day Committee, Partners and Sponsors from putting on the
event at our usual venue in Stadium High School in Tacoma.

Because this event’s objectives is to honor and celebrate our Veterans, Patriots and First Responders we
all agreed to do something that would do just that but virtually.

We plan to hold a virtual celebration on Saturday Feb. 20 th at 1:00 pm. We will hold a large Zoom
meeting that will include a Joint Service Color Guard presenting the colors and the singing of the
National Anthem, a Reading of the Washington State Governor’s Proclamation, a band concert from
America’s First Corps Band and a Traditional Flag Folding Ceremony.

Please use the link below to join us:

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